Deep Learning AMI
Developer Guide


CNTK Tutorial

To activate the framework, follow these instructions on your Deep Learning AMI with Conda.

For Python 3 with CUDA 9 with cuDNN 7:

$ source activate cntk_p36

For Python 2 with CUDA 9 with cuDNN 7:

$ source activate cntk_p27

Start the iPython terminal.

(caffe2_p27)$ ipython

Run a quick CNTK program.

import cntk as C C.__version__ c = C.constant(3, shape=(2,3)) c.asarray()

You should see the CNTK version, then the output of a 2x3 array of 3's.

If you have a GPU instance, you can test it with the following code example. A result of True is what you would expect if CNTK can access the GPU.

from cntk.device import try_set_default_device, gpu try_set_default_device(gpu(0))

More Tutorials

For more tutorials and examples refer to the framework's official Python docs, Python API for CNTK, and the CNTK website.