AWS Database Migration Service
Step-by-Step Migration Guide (API Version 2016-01-01)

Step 5: Create Your Aurora MySQL Target Endpoint

Next, you can provide information for the target Amazon Aurora MySQL database by specifying the target endpoint settings. The following table describes the target settings.

To specify a target database endpoints using the AWS Management Console

  1. In the AWS DMS console, choose Endpoints on the navigation pane.

  2. Choose Create endpoint. The Create database endpoint page appears, as shown following.

                                Create source and target DB endpoints
  3. Specify your connection information for the target Aurora MySQL database. The following table describes the target settings.

    For This Parameter Do This

    Endpoint type

    Choose Target.

    Endpoint Identifier

    Type an identifier for your Aurora MySQL endpoint. The identifier for your endpoint must be unique within an AWS Region.

    Target Engine

    Choose aurora.


    Type the writer endpoint for your Aurora MySQL instance. The writer endpoint is the primary instance.


    Type the port assigned to the instance.

    SSL mode

    Choose an SSL mode if you want to enable connection encryption for this endpoint. Depending on the mode you select, you might need to provide certificate and server certificate information.


    Type the user name for the account you are using for the migration. We recommend that you create an account specific to your migration.


    Provide the password for the user name preceding.

  4. Choose the Advanced tab to set values for extra connection strings and the encryption key if you need them.

    For This Option Do This

    Extra connection attributes

    Here you can enter values for additional attributes that control the behavior of your endpoint. A few of the most relevant attributes are listed here.For the full list, see the documentation. Separate multiple entries from each other by using a semi-colon (;).

    • targetDbType: By default, AWS DMS creates a different MySQL database for each schema being migrated. Sometimes you might want to combine objects from several schemas into a single database. To do so, set this option to specific_database (targetDbType=SPECIFIC_DATABASE).

    • initstmt: You use this option to invoke the MySQL initstmt connection parameter and accept anything mysql initstmt accepts. When working with an Aurora MySQL target, it’s often useful to disable foreign key checks. To do so, use the initstmt parameter as follows:

      initstmt=SET FOREIGN_KEY_CHECKS=0

    KMS master key

    Choose the encryption key to use to encrypt replication storage and connection information. If you choose (Default) aws/dms, the default AWS KMS key associated with your account and region is used.

Prior to saving your endpoint, you have an opportunity to test it. To do so you’ll need to select a VPC and replication instance from which to perform the test.