Constructing an Amazon Resource Name (ARN) for AWS DMS - AWS Database Migration Service

Constructing an Amazon Resource Name (ARN) for AWS DMS

If you use the AWS CLI or AWS DMS API to automate your database migration, then you work with Amazon Resource Name (ARNs). Each resource that is created in Amazon Web Services is identified by an ARN, which is a unique identifier. If you use the AWS CLI or AWS DMS API to set up your database migration, you supply the ARN of the resource that you want to work with.

An ARN for an AWS DMS resource uses the following syntax:

arn:aws:dms:region:account number:resourcetype:resourcename

In this syntax, the following apply:

  • region is the ID of the AWS Region where the AWS DMS resource was created, such as us-west-2.

    The following table shows AWS Region names and the values that you should use when constructing an ARN.

    Region Name
    Asia Pacific (Tokyo) Region ap-northeast-1
    Asia Pacific (Seoul) Region ap-northeast-2
    Asia Pacific (Mumbai) Region ap-south-1
    Asia Pacific (Singapore) Region ap-southeast-1
    Asia Pacific (Sydney) Region ap-southeast-2
    Canada (Central) Region ca-central-1
    China (Beijing) Region cn-north-1
    China (Ningxia) Region cn-northwest-1
    Europe (Stockholm) Region eu-north-1
    Europe (Milan) Region eu-south-1
    EU (Frankfurt) Region eu-central-1
    Europe (Ireland) Region eu-west-1
    EU (London) Region eu-west-2
    EU (Paris) Region eu-west-3
    South America (São Paulo) Region sa-east-1
    US East (N. Virginia) Region us-east-1
    US East (Ohio) Region us-east-2
    US West (N. California) Region us-west-1
    US West (Oregon) Region us-west-2
  • account number is your account number with dashes omitted. To find your account number, sign in to your AWS account at, choose My Account/Console, and then choose My Account.

  • resourcetype is the type of AWS DMS resource.

    The following table shows the resource types to use when constructing an ARN for a particular AWS DMS resource.

    AWS DMS resource type ARN format
    Replication instance arn:aws:dms:region: account:rep: resourcename
    Endpoint arn:aws:dms:region:account:endpoint: resourcename
    Replication task arn:aws:dms:region:account:task:resourcename
    Subnet group arn:aws:dms:region:account:subgrp:resourcename
  • resourcename is the resource name assigned to the AWS DMS resource. This is a generated arbitrary string.

The following table shows examples of ARNs for AWS DMS resources. Here, we assume an AWS account of 123456789012, which were created in the US East (N. Virginia) Region, and has a resource name.

Resource type Sample ARN
Replication instance arn:aws:dms:us-east-1:123456789012:rep:QLXQZ64MH7CXF4QCQMGRVYVXAI
Endpoint arn:aws:dms:us-east-1:123456789012:endpoint:D3HMZ2IGUCGFF3NTAXUXGF6S5A
Replication task arn:aws:dms:us-east-1:123456789012:task:2PVREMWNPGYJCVU2IBPTOYTIV4
Subnet group arn:aws:dms:us-east-1:123456789012:subgrp:test-tag-grp