ASE SAP Sybase - AWS Database Migration Service

ASE SAP Sybase

The SAP Sybase ASE ODBC 64-bit client should be installed.

If the installation directory is /opt/sap, update the script under the bin folder of the agent installation with the following.

export SYBASE_HOME=/opt/sap export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:$SYBASE_HOME/DataAccess64/ODBC/lib:$SYBASE_HOME/DataAccess/ODBC/lib:$SYBASE_HOME/OCS-16_0/lib:$SYBASE_HOME/OCS-16_0/lib3p64:$SYBASE_HOME/OCS-16_0/lib3p

The /etc/odbcinst.ini file should include the following entries.

[Sybase] Driver=/opt/sap/DataAccess64/ODBC/lib/ Description=Sybase ODBC driver