Step 9: Create a local and AWS DMS task - AWS Database Migration Service

Step 9: Create a local and AWS DMS task

Next, you create the task that is the end-to-end migration task. This task includes two subtasks:

  • The local subtask – This task migrates data from the source database to the AWS Snowball Edge appliance.

  • The AWS DMS subtask – This task moves the data from the appliance into an Amazon S3 bucket and migrates it to the target database.


We recommend that you test your migration before you use the AWS Snowball Edge device. You can do this by setting up a task to send data, such as a single table, to an Amazon S3 bucket instead of to the AWS Snowball Edge device.

To create the end-to-end migration task
  1. Start AWS SCT, choose View, and then choose Data migration view (other).

  2. In the left panel that displays the schema from your source database, choose a schema object to migrate. Open the context (right-click) menu for the object, and then choose Create local task.

  3. For Task name, enter a descriptive name for your data migration task.

  4. For Migration mode, choose Extract, upload, and copy.

  5. Choose Amazon S3 settings.

  6. Select Use Snowball.

  7. Enter folders and subfolders in your Amazon S3 bucket where the data extraction agent can store data.

  8. Choose Create to create the task.