Step 9: Create a local and AWS DMS task - AWS Database Migration Service

Step 9: Create a local and AWS DMS task

Next, you create the task that is the end-to-end migration task. This task includes two subtasks:

  • The local subtask – This task migrates data from the source database to the Snowball Edge appliance.

  • The AWS DMS subtask – This task moves the data from the appliance into an Amazon S3 bucket and migrates it to the target database.


We recommend that you test your migration before you use the Snowball Edge device. You can do this by setting up a task to send data, such as a single table, to an Amazon S3 bucket instead of to the Snowball Edge device.

To create the end-to-end migration task

  1. Start AWS SCT, choose View, and then choose Database Migration View (Local & DMS).

  2. In the left panel that displays the schema from your source database, choose a schema to migrate. Open the context (right-click) menu for the schema, and then choose Create Local & DMS Task.

    You can't migrate individual tables using AWS DMS and Snowball Edge.

    The following screen appears.

  3. Add your task information.

    For this parameter Do this

    Task Name

    Enter a name for the task.
    Agent Choose DMS Agent.
    Replication Instance Choose the AWS DMS replication instance that you want to use.
    Migration Type

    Choose the type of migration you want:

    Choose Migrate existing data to migrate the contents of the chosen schema. This process is called a full load in AWS DMS.

    Choose Migrate existing data and replicate ongoing changes to migrate the contents of the chosen schema and capture all ongoing changes to the database. This process is called full load and CDC in AWS DMS.

    Target table preparation mode

    Choose the preparation mode you want to use:

    Truncate – Tables are truncated without affecting table metadata.

    Drop tables on target – The tables are dropped and new tables are created in their place.

    Do nothing – Data and metadata of the target tables are not changed.

    IAM role Choose the predefined IAM role that has permissions to access the Amazon S3 bucket and the target database. For more information about the permissions required to access an Amazon S3 bucket, see Prerequisites when using S3 as a source for AWS DMS.
    Compression format

    Choose whether to have uploaded files compressed or not:

    GZIP – Files are compressed before loading. This is the default.

    No Compression – Extracts are faster but take more space.

    Logging Choose Enable to have Amazon CloudWatch create logs for the migration. You incur charges for this service. For more information about CloudWatch, see How amazon CloudWatch works.
    Description Enter a description of the task.
    S3 Bucket Enter the name of an S3 bucket configured for this Snowball Edge job in the Snowball Edge console
    Use Snowball Edge Choose this check box to use Snowball Edge. If this box is not checked, then data is uploaded directly to the S3 bucket.
    Job Name Choose the Snowball Edge job name you created.
    Snowball Edge IP Enter the IP address of the Snowball Edge appliance.
    Port Enter the port value for the Snowball Edge appliance.
    Local Amazon S3 Access key Enter the local Snowball Edge access key you retrieved from the device.
    Local Amazon S3 Secret key Enter the local Snowball Edge secret key you retrieved from the device.
  4. Choose Create to create the task.