Step 6: Create a new AWS SCT project - AWS Database Migration Service

Step 6: Create a new AWS SCT project

Next, you create a new AWS SCT project that specifies the source and target databases. For more information, see Creating an AWS Schema Conversion Tool project in the AWS Schema Conversion Tool User Guide.

To create a new project in AWS SCT

  1. Start AWS SCT, and choose File then New Project. The New Project dialog box appears.

  2. Add the following project information.

    For this parameter Do this

    Project Name

    Enter a name for your project, which is stored locally on your computer.


    Enter the location for your local project file.


    Choose Transactional Database (OLTP).

    Source DB Engine

    Choose your source data store.

    Target DB Engine

    Choose your target data store.

  3. Choose OK to create your AWS SCT project.

  4. Connect to your source and target databases.