Step 3: Unlock the AWS Snowball Edge device - AWS Database Migration Service

Step 3: Unlock the AWS Snowball Edge device

When the Edge device arrives, prepare it for use.

Follow the steps outlined in the section Getting started with an AWS Snowball Edge device in the AWS Snowball Edge Developer Guide.

You can also check out the AWS Snowball Edge getting started marketing page for more resources.

Power the device on, connect it to your local network, record the IP address of the Edge device, and obtain the unlock code and manifest file from the AWS Snowball Edge console. In the console, choose your job, choose View job details, and then Credentials. Save both the client unlock code and the manifest file.

On the Edge device screen, get the IP of the Edge device from the Connection tab. Then unlock the device by using the snowballEdge unlock command with the IP and the credentials information. The following example shows the sample syntax for this command.

snowballEdge unlock -i IP_Address -m Local_path_to_manifest_file -u 29_character_unlock_code

Following is an example command.

snowballEdge unlock \ -i \ -m /Downloads/JID2EXAMPLE-0c40-49a7-9f53-916aEXAMPLE81-manifest.bin \ -u 12345-abcde-12345-ABCDE-12345

Finally, retrieve the AWS Snowball Edge access key and secret key from the device using the Edge client. The following shows example input and output for the command to get the access key.

Example input

snowballEdge list-access-keys \ --endpoint \ --manifest-file Path_to_manifest_file \ --unlock-code 12345-abcde-12345-ABCDE-12345

Example output

{ "AccessKeyIds" : [ "AKIAIOSFODNN7EXAMPLE" ] }

The following shows example input and output for the command to get the secret key.

Example input

snowballEdge get-secret-access-key \ --access-key-id AKIAIOSFODNN7EXAMPLE \ --endpoint \ --manifest-file /Downloads/JID2EXAMPLE-0c40-49a7-9f53-916aEXAMPLE81-manifest.bin \ --unlock-code 12345-abcde-12345-ABCDE-12345

Example output

[snowballEdge] aws_access_key_id = AKIAIOSFODNN7EXAMPLE aws_secret_access_key = wJalrXUtnFEMI/K7MDENG/bPxRfiCYEXAMPLEKEY

When the AWS Snowball Edge is ready to use, you can interact with it directly by using the AWS CLI or S3 SDK Adapter for Snowball. This adapter also works with the Edge device.