Limits for AWS Database Migration Service - AWS Database Migration Service

Limits for AWS Database Migration Service

Following, you can find the resource limits and naming constraints for AWS Database Migration Service (AWS DMS).

The maximum size of a database that AWS DMS can migrate depends on your source environment, the distribution of data in your source database, and how busy your source system is. The best way to determine whether your particular system is a candidate for AWS DMS is to test it out. Start slowly so you can get the configuration worked out, then add some complex objects, and finally, attempt a full load as a test.

Limits for AWS Database Migration Service

Each AWS account has limits, per AWS Region, on the number of AWS DMS resources that can be created. Once a limit for a resource has been reached, additional calls to create that resource will fail with an exception.

The following table lists the AWS DMS resources and their limits per AWS Region.

Resource Default Limit
Replication instances 60
Total amount of storage for a replication instance 30,000 GIB
Event subscriptions 60
Replication subnet groups 60
Subnets per replication subnet group 60
Endpoints 1000
Tasks 600
Endpoints per instance 100
Certificates 100
  • The 30,000 GIB limit for storage applies to an AWS DMS replication instance. This storage is used to cache changes if the target cannot keep up with the source, and for storing log information.

  • Storage size of source and target endpoints can exceed 30,000 GIB.