Settings - AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery


AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery (AWS DRS) manages default settings that apply to newly added source servers. These settings define the overall behavior of source servers. For example, default replication settings define how data will be replicated from newly added source servers to AWS.

You must configure the default replication and launch settings upon first use of AWS DRS. The replication settings that are first configured determine how your servers will be replicated to AWS through a variety of settings, including replication server instance type, Amazon EBS volume type, Amazon EBS encryption, security groups, data routing, and tags. The settings configured in the replication settings are automatically passed down to every new server you add to AWS DRS. The launch settings that are configured determine how servers will be launched and include multiple parameters both for the DRS launch settings and the EC2 template.

Once you have configured your default settings, you can make changes to individual servers or a group of servers from the source servers page. Learn more about editing the launch settings for single or multiple servers.