Default replication settings vs individual server replication settings - AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery

Default replication settings vs individual server replication settings

The default replication settings determine how data replication will work for each new server you add to AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery. These settings will be applied to each newly added source server. You will be prompted to configure your default replication settings upon your first use of AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery.

The configured replication settings can later be changed at any time, for individual source servers or for a group of source servers. The changes made will only affect the server or group of servers selected and will not affect the default replication settings. Learn more about configuring your default replication settings.

To edit the replication settings for your entire account, you will need to edit your default replication settings. Choose Default replication from the from the left-hand navigation menu (under Settings).

This will open the Settings: default replication view. Choose Edit to edit your account-wide replication settings. These settings changes will be applied to each newly added server but will not affect servers that have already been added to AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery.

To edit the settings for an individual server or group of servers, select the box to the left of each server name on the Source servers page. Open the Actions menu and choose Edit replication settings.

You will be redirected to the Edit replication settings tab.

The names of the servers for which you are editing the replication settings will appear under the Selected servers drop-down menu.

You can edit individual replication settings under the Replication settings category.

If you want to choose different settings for selected servers than those set in the default replication settings, edit these settings individually. Any setting that has not been changed is labeled with the Do not change option.

For any setting that you want to change, choose the setting option from the drop-down menu under each setting category.

Click Save replication settings to save your changes.

The individual replication settings categories are explained in the following sections.