Edit a host - Developer Tools console

Edit a host

You can edit host settings for a host in Pending status. You can edit the host name, URL, or VPC configuration.

You cannot use the same URL for more than one host.


To learn about considerations for setting up a host in a VPC, see (Optional) Prerequisites: Network or Amazon VPC configuration for your connection.

To edit a host
  1. Open the Developer Tools console at https://console.aws.amazon.com/codesuite/settings/connections.

  2. Choose Settings > Connections.

  3. Choose the Hosts tab.

    The hosts associated with your AWS account and created in the selected AWS Region are displayed.

  4. To edit the host name, enter a new value in Name.

  5. To edit the host endpoint, enter a new value in URL.

  6. To edit the host VPC configuration, enter new values in VPC ID.

  7. Choose Edit host.

  8. The updated settings are displayed. Choose Set up Pending host.