Amazon EBS snapshot lock - Amazon EBS

Amazon EBS snapshot lock

You can lock your Amazon EBS snapshots to protect them against accidental or malicious deletions, or to store them in WORM (write-once-read-many) format for a specific duration. While a snapshot is locked, it can't be deleted by any user, regardless of their IAM permissions. You can continue to use a locked snapshot in the same way that you would use any other snapshot.


Snapshot lock has been assessed by Cohasset Associates for use in environments that are subject to SEC 17a-4, CFTC, and FINRA regulations. For more information about how snapshot lock relates to these regulations, see the Cohasset Associates Compliance Assessment.

You can lock snapshots in one of two modes: compliance mode or governance mode, and they can be locked for a specific duration or until a specific date. For more information, see Lock mode and Lock duration.


You can lock and unlock snapshots at no additional cost. You pay the standard Amazon EBS snapshot storage costs for locked snapshots.