Using MXNet Models with Elastic Inference - Amazon Elastic Inference

Using MXNet Models with Elastic Inference

This release of Elastic Inference Apache MXNet has been tested to perform well and provide cost-saving benefits with the following deep learning use cases and network architectures (and similar variants).

Use Case Example Network Topology

Image Recognition

Inception, ResNet, VGG, ResNext

Object Detection


Text to Speech


More Models and Resources

Here are some more pretrained models and examples to try with Elastic Inference.

  1. MXNet Model Zoo - these Gluon models can be exported to the Symbol format and used with Elastic Inference.

  2. Open Neural Network Exchange (ONNX) Models with MXNet - MXNet supports the ONNX model format, so you can use Elastic Inference with ONNX models that were exported from other frameworks.

For more tutorials and examples, see the framework's official Python documentation, the Python API for MXNet, or the MXNet website.