SearchFilter - AWS Elastic Beanstalk


Describes criteria to restrict a list of results.

For operators that apply a single value to the attribute, the filter is evaluated as follows: Attribute Operator Values[1]

Some operators, e.g. in, can apply multiple values. In this case, the filter is evaluated as a logical union (OR) of applications of the operator to the attribute with each one of the values: (Attribute Operator Values[1]) OR (Attribute Operator Values[2]) OR ...

The valid values for attributes of SearchFilter depend on the API action. For valid values, see the reference page for the API action you're calling that takes a SearchFilter parameter.



The result attribute to which the filter values are applied. Valid values vary by API action.

Type: String

Required: No


The operator to apply to the Attribute with each of the Values. Valid values vary by Attribute.

Type: String

Required: No


The list of values applied to the Attribute and Operator attributes. Number of values and valid values vary by Attribute.

Type: Array of strings

Required: No

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