Custom options - AWS Elastic Beanstalk

Custom options

Use the aws:elasticbeanstalk:customoption namespace to define options and values that can be read in Resources blocks in other configuration files. Use custom options to collect user specified settings in a single configuration file.

For example, you may have a complex configuration file that defines a resource that can be configured by the user launching the environment. If you use Fn::GetOptionSetting to retrieve the value of a custom option, you can put the definition of that option in a different configuration file, where it is more easily discovered and modified by the user.

Also, because they are configuration options, custom options can be set at the API level to override values set in a configuration file. See Precedence for more information.

Custom options are defined like any other option:

option_settings: aws:elasticbeanstalk:customoption: option name: option value

For example, the following configuration file creates an option named ELBAlarmEmail and sets the value to

option_settings: aws:elasticbeanstalk:customoption: ELBAlarmEmail:

Elsewhere, a configuration file defines an SNS topic that reads the option with Fn::GetOptionSetting to populate the value of the Endpoint attribute:

Resources: MySNSTopic: Type: AWS::SNS::Topic Properties: Subscription: - Endpoint: Fn::GetOptionSetting: OptionName: ELBAlarmEmail DefaultValue: Protocol: email

You can find more example snippets using Fn::GetOptionSetting at Adding and customizing Elastic Beanstalk environment resources.