AWS Elastic Beanstalk
Developer Guide

Platform Definition Archive Contents

A platform definition archive is the platform equivalent of an application source bundle. The platform definition archive is a ZIP file that contains a platform definition file, a Packer template, and the scripts and files used by the Packer template to create your platform.


When you use the EB CLI to create a custom platform, the EB CLI creates a platform definition archive from the files and folders in your platform repository, so you don't need to create the archive manually.

The platform definition file is a YAML-formatted file that must be named platform.yaml and be in the root of your platform definition archive. See Creating a Custom Platform for a list of required and optional keys supported in a platform definition file.

You don't need to name the Packer template in a specific way, but the name of the file must match the provisioner template specified in the platform definition file. See the official Packer documentation for instructions on creating Packer templates.

The other files in your platform definition archive are scripts and files used by the template to customize an instance before creating an AMI.