Using the AWS Toolkit for Eclipse - AWS Elastic Beanstalk

Using the AWS Toolkit for Eclipse

The AWS Toolkit for Eclipse integrates AWS Elastic Beanstalk management features with your Tomcat development environment to facilitate environment creation, configuration, and code deployment. The toolkit includes support for multiple AWS accounts, managing existing environments, and connecting directly to instances in your environment for troubleshooting.


The AWS Toolkit for Eclipse only supports projects that use the Java with Tomcat platform, not the Java SE platform.

For more information about prerequisites and installing the AWS Toolkit for Eclipse, go to You can also check out the Using AWS Elastic Beanstalk with the AWS Toolkit for Eclipse video. This topic also provides useful information covering tools, how-to topics, and additional resources for Java developers.

Importing existing environments into Eclipse

You can import existing environments that you created in the AWS Management Console into Eclipse.

To import existing environments, expand the AWS Elastic Beanstalk node and double-click on an environment in the AWS Explorer inside Eclipse. You can now deploy your Elastic Beanstalk applications to this environment.