Health - AWS Elastic Beanstalk


Event: CPU Utilization Exceeds 95.00%

Try running more instances, or choose a different instance type.

Event: Elastic Load Balancer awseb-myapp Has Zero Healthy Instances

If your application appears to be working, make sure that your application’s health check URL is configured correctly. If not, check the Health screen and environment logs for more information.

Event: Elastic Load Balancer awseb-myapp Cannot Be Found

Your environment's load balancer may have been removed out-of-band. Only make changes to your environment's resources with the configuration options and extensibility provided by Elastic Beanstalk. Rebuild your environment or launch a new one.

Event: EC2 Instance Launch Failure. Waiting for a New EC2 Instance to Launch...

Availability for your environment's instance type may be low, or you may have reached the instance quota for your account. Check the service health dashboard to ensure that the Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) service is green, or request a quota increase.