Release: EB CLI 3.14.6 on September 11, 2018 - AWS Elastic Beanstalk

Release: EB CLI 3.14.6 on September 11, 2018

The AWS Elastic Beanstalk Command Line Interface (EB CLI) has a new version with bug fixes and new functionality.

Release date: September 11, 2018


Here is a list of the key changes in this release.

Change Affected commands Description

Bug fix: broken communication

All commands

Bug: the EB CLI had a dependency on an unsupported behavior of botocore. This behavior changed with the recent release of botocore 1.12. This change prevented the EB CLI from communicating with AWS services. We fixed this issue on September 7, 2018 with EB CLI 3.14.5, which restricted the botocore package dependency to versions older than 1.12. However, this fix broke compatibility with the botocore version that the AWS CLI requires, making it difficult to run both tools in the same environment.

Fix: today's release, EB CLI 3.14.6, requires a newer botocore version, 1.12.1, which is compatible with the latest versions of both the EB CLI and the AWS CLI. Both tools can now work correctly in the same environment.


We strongly encourage you to upgrade to the latest EB CLI version. If you have to keep using a version older than 3.14.5, run the following command:

$ pip install 'botocore<1.12'

Bug fix: tabulate package dependency

Non-EB CLI code

Bug: the EB CLI had a dependency on an old version of the tabulate Python package. This created a dependency mismatch with other Python packages that some customers use.

Fix: the EB CLI no longer uses this package. We removed the dependency altogether.

Bug fix: urllib3 package version

All commands

Bug: the EB CLI had two dependency packages with incompatible version restrictions for their own dependencies on a third package, urllib3. When installing the EB CLI, pip didn't get it right and installed a version of urllib3 that was incompatible with one of the EB CLI dependencies. This caused some eb commands to fail for some customers.

Fix: we now restrict the version of urllib3 to a range that is compatible with all of the EB CLI dependencies.

New: --timeout for more commands

eb platform create

eb ssh --setup

The EB CLI now supports the --timeout argument with these two commands. As with other long-running commands, this argument lets you control how long the EB CLI polls the Elastic Beanstalk service for a success event before timing out.