Getting Started with Elastic Transcoder - Amazon Elastic Transcoder

Getting Started with Elastic Transcoder

The example in this topic gives you a quick overview of how to use Amazon Elastic Transcoder to transcode media files from one media format into another. You only need to perform a few basic steps to start transcoding your media files using Elastic Transcoder. The first step is signing up for AWS. After that, you create an Amazon S3 bucket and upload a media file that you want to transcode. You then create a pipeline to process your jobs, and create a job to transcode a specific file into a specific format. If you want to transcode to a format for which we don't provide a preset (a template), you can create a custom preset before you create the job.


If you aren't already acquainted with jobs, pipelines, and presets—the basic concepts behind Elastic Transcoder—take a quick look at the short overview topic: What is Amazon Elastic Transcoder?