Securing Your Content - Amazon Elastic Transcoder

Securing Your Content

This section discusses how to control access to your Elastic Transcoder resources, how to encrypt your files while they are at rest, and how to apply Digital Rights Management (DRM) to your files. Controlling access to your resources allows you to designate tasks such as creating jobs to one of your IAM users, while at the same time reserving the ability to update or delete your pipeline and preset resources. Encrypting your files at rest provides an additional level of content protection, especially for sensitive or strictly controlled files, while DRM allows you further control over who can playback the files, beyond the level provided by AWS permissions on resources.

IAM access controls are for when you want to be able to control who has access to your files and who can affect resources such as pipelines and presets. File encryption (encryption at rest) is for when you want a file to be stored in an encrypted state, and HLS and DRM are for when you want to be able to control who has the ability to playback your files.

For more information on security best practices, see the IAM Best Practices guide.