Step 4: Review and submit your order - AWS Elemental Appliances and Software Quote Confirmation

Step 4: Review and submit your order

To submit the order

  1. Make sure that your information is correct on the Review and submit order page. Edit as needed, and then choose Submit order. You can also choose Cancel to return to the Quotes and orders page and delete your data.

  2. After you submit the quote, it shows Quote Confirmed on the Quote and order history page, and you receive a confirmation email. If additional quotes that are received in the same email are synced to your AWS account, they are marked as Expired so that no future action is taken on them. If you want to associate a quote with a different AWS account, submit a change request.

  3. If your order is for something physical that is shipped, you can see your tracking number on the quote details page. You will also receive an email from UPS with your tracking number and order details. The UPS Transaction Reference Number matches the Confirmation number in the Details section of your order in the console.