Step 3: Add shipping information - AWS Elemental Appliances and Software Quote Confirmation

Step 3: Add shipping information

On the Specify shipping information page, enter and save your shipping and contact details. Each delivery address requires a contact name, phone number, and email address. We provide this information to the shipping carrier for physical goods. It also assists us in providing post-sales support and documentation.

To add shipping information

  1. In Delivery, select a delivery type and enter shipping details, or use previously saved information.

    • If you choose Request shipping quote, the AWS Elemental Operations team sends shipping quotes to the delivery contact listed on the page, and to the contact who originally received the quote. If the quote is accepted, the shipping rate is added to the order after it's confirmed in the console.

    • If you choose Use my own carrier, enter your carrier’s information in the Additional shipping requests field or attach a file with the carrier information.

  2. Based on what you enter, the service suggests a valid postal address. You can use the suggestion or your own entry.

  3. Choose Add a delivery address if you need additional addresses. Be sure to define which items on the order should be shipped to each delivery location using the Additional shipping requests field under each address.

    • We assess sales tax for only your orders delivered within the US. You must self-report applicable taxes for orders delivered outside of the US, whether you are a US-based company or not.