Step c: Download Licenses from the AWS Elemental User Community - AWS Elemental Conductor File

This is version 2.16 of the AWS Elemental Conductor File documentation. This is the latest version. For prior versions, see the Archive section of AWS Elemental Conductor File and AWS Elemental Server Documentation.

Step c: Download Licenses from the AWS Elemental User Community


You must perform these steps for the system that will act as the primary AWS Elemental Conductor File node first and then for the secondary.

  1. Follow the instructions in Downloading AWS Elemental Conductor File Software to get to the Order Detail page on the AWS Elemental User Community. Each instance of the software that you are installing has its own Order Detail page.

  2. Hover over the three-bar icon on the right of the screen to bring up a small menu. Choose License(s).

  3. On the License Information page, choose Generate.

  4. On the Generate Licenses page, select Choose File to browse to and select your .key file.

  5. This returns you to the Generate Licenses page, with your .key file selected. Choose Upload License Key.

  6. This takes you to the View Licenses page, where you can download a .tgz file. This is a compressed, aggregated file that contains all the license files that you need for this system.

  7. Save the .tgz file to a place accessible to the AWS Elemental system that will be using this license, for example, a directory on your workstation called “licenses”. Make a note of the path.

    The files are named lic-download-<hostname>-primary.tgz and lic-download-<hostname>-secondary.tgz.

  8. Download the license files for the secondary AWS Elemental Conductor File node using these same steps.