Step E: Stop Services - AWS Elemental Conductor File

This is version 2.15 of the AWS Elemental Conductor File documentation. This is the latest version. For prior versions, see the Archive section of AWS Elemental Conductor File and AWS Elemental Server Documentation.

Step E: Stop Services

  1. Stop two of the services on both of the Conductor nodes. Start a remote session on the secondary Conductor and enter these commands:

    [elemental@hostname ~]$ sudo service elemental_se stop

    As soon as you stop elemental_se, the Conductor node becomes de-activated (offline) so it isn't communicating with the worker nodes.

    [elemental@hostname ~]$ sudo service httpd stop

    As soon as you stop httpd, the Conductor web interface becomes unavailable.

  2. Repeat on the primary Conductor.

  3. Use the commands in step 1 to stop the services on all AWS Elemental Server nodes.

You have now stopped all nodes in the cluster. The web interface, REST API and scheduling features are stopped.