MPTS and AWS Elemental Statmux - AWS Elemental Conductor Live 3

This is version 3.17 of the AWS Elemental Conductor Live 3 documentation. This is the latest version. For prior versions, see the Previous Versions section of AWS Elemental Conductor Live 3 Documentation.

MPTS and AWS Elemental Statmux

AWS Elemental nodes can be configured to produce MPTS outputs. Creation of an MPTS requires the following:

  • A channel that creates a UDP/TS output that has MPTS membership set up. Or an event on an AWS Elemental Live node that creates a UDP/TS output that has MPTS membership set up. This kind of channel produces an SPTS output.

  • An MPTS output.

  • A node that can “mux” the SPTS outputs into an MPTS output.

     Image file diagram-cmpts.png

Channels for MPTS

The channel is a regular channel that is created using a regular profile. The profile must be set up for UDP/TS and MPTS. For information, see Using SDI Router Input in a Profile and Channel.

When MPTS membership is set up, the output from this channel is known as an SPTS. The SPTS outputs are themselves inputs into the MPTS output.

The SPTS output can be set up to create as CBR (constant bit rate) or Statmux variable bit rate.

MPTS Outputs

An MPTS output specifies all the individual SPTS outputs that go into the MPTS and includes information about how the output will be processed.

An MPTS output can consist of:

  • Only CBR inputs.

  • Only Statmux inputs.

  • A combination of inputs.

Putting it Together

The steps at "setup time" are the following:

The steps at “runtime” are then:

  • Start each individual channel.

  • Start the MPTS.

Each channel runs on its own AWS Elemental Live node. The SPTS output from all channels is picked up by the muxing node and combined into an MPTS output

Nodes for Creating SPTS

When you create a channel, you associate it with a node. This node is the “SPTS creator”. This node can be an AWS Elemental Live node or a Live node with the Statmux option.


If you are creating Statmux MPTS outputs, then any node in the cluster that will be producing channels for that MPTS must be running a GPU-enabled version of AWS Elemental Live or AWS Elemental Live with Statmux option.

If the node is not running a GPU-enabled version, then there will be an error on the MPTS when it starts.

Nodes to Muxing

The muxing can be performed by the following:

Node Can Create CBR MPTS Outputs Can Create Statmux MPTS Outputs Can Create Combination CBR/ Statmux MPTS Outputs
AWS Elemental Live nodes Yes No No
AWS Elemental Live nodes with the Statmux option Yes Yes Yes
Separate AWS Elemental Statmux nodes Yes Yes Yes