Status > Alerts Screen, Active - AWS Elemental Conductor Live 3

This is version 3.17 of the AWS Elemental Conductor Live 3 documentation. This is the latest version. For prior versions, see the Previous Versions section of AWS Elemental Conductor Live 3 Documentation.

Status > Alerts Screen, Active

The Alerts screen with the Active tab up is different from the screen with the All tab up in that:

  • Only active alerts are shown. Alerts are active until the conditions causing them are resolved; then the system automatically clears them.

  • You can suppress and unsuppress alerts from this tab. Suppressing an alert is like marking it as “read”; a suppressed alert is still active, but it does not show up in the alert count in the page header and it does not appear in the alerts popup list.

                  Image file ref-status-alerts-active.png
Numbered Item on the Graphic Description Instructions
1, 2 Status tab, Alerts tab.

Choose Status > Alerts to get to the Alerts screen. It opens by default to the Active tab.

You can also get here by choosing “View All Alerts” at the bottom of the alerts pop-up list.

3 Visibility-suppressed icon. Only active alerts are suppressible. Choose this to unsuppress this alert.
4 Visibility-unsuppressed icon. Choose this to suppress this alert.
5 Alert count. This reflects the number of alerts that are both active and unsuppressed. Choose this to show pop-up list of active, unsuppressed alerts