Status > Alerts Screen, All - AWS Elemental Conductor Live 3

This is version 3.17 of the AWS Elemental Conductor Live 3 documentation. This is the latest version. For prior versions, see the Previous Versions section of AWS Elemental Conductor Live 3 Documentation.

Status > Alerts Screen, All

These Multi-Protocol Transport Service (MPTS) screens display the alerts that have been raised for a node, AWS Elemental Conductor Live 3 channel, or Live event. For information on alerts and messages and how they appear in the UI, see Monitoring Alerts and Messages.

            Image file ref-status-alerts-all.png
Numbered Item on the Graphic Description Instructions
1, 2, 3 Status tab, Alerts tab, All tab. Choose Status > Alerts to get to the Alerts screen, which opens by default to the Active tab. Choose the All tab.

Active alert. Active alerts have a yellow background.

Alerts remain active as long as the condition causing them persists. When the condition is resolved, the system automatically clears the alert and it becomes inactive.

5 Inactive alert. Inactive alerts have a white background.
6 Alert count. This count reflects the number of alerts that are both active and unsuppressed. Choose this to show pop-up list of active, unsuppressed alerts.
7 Alert Filter button. Choose this to open the Filters pane.
8 Filters pane. Select drop-down entries or enter text to filter for specific alerts.