Adding Ethernet Devices - AWS Elemental Delta

This is version 2.3 of the AWS Elemental Delta documentation. This is the latest version. For prior versions, see the Previous Versions section of AWS Elemental Delta Documentation.

Adding Ethernet Devices

You can add Ethernet devices after the initial installation is complete.

To add Ethernet devices

  1. On the web interface, go to the Settings > Network screen.

  2. Click Add Device and choose Ethernet.

  3. In the Add New Network Device dialog, complete the following fields.

    Field Description
    Device Name Choose a name for the device. The list is populated with Ethernet ports that have been detected on the node.
    Description Optional
    Master Specify No devices with port bond settings available. This wording indicates that you have not created a bond-type device, so bonding is not available.
    Management Leave this unchecked because eth0 typically has usually been set up as the management interface.
    DHCP / Static Routing / Port Bonding Check DHCP or Static Routing.
    If you choose Static Routing, extra fields appear for you to configure the device. IP Address, Netmask, Gateway and (optionally) Static Routes.
  4. Click Create. The new device now appears in the Network Devices section.