Adding Mount Points - AWS Elemental Delta

This is version 2.3 of the AWS Elemental Delta documentation. This is the latest version. For prior versions, see the Previous Versions section of AWS Elemental Delta Documentation.

Adding Mount Points

A mount point provides AWS Elemental Delta access to a remote server. The following are some examples for why Delta might need to access a remote server:

  • For storage: In input filters, you must specify a storage location for the content associated with the input filter. If this location is a remote folder, it must be mounted to the Delta node.

    Both the leader and secondary node should mount the same remote storage folders to ensure that the storage stays the same regardless of which node is the leader.

  • For database backup: We strongly recommend that you back up the database to a remote server. This server must be mounted to the Delta node.

    Each node in the cluster should mount a different database backup storage folder: the nodes should not be storing to the same remote server location.

Remote servers are always mounted to this location on the AWS Elemental Delta node: /data/mnt/<folder>.

When you mount a remote folder to a local mount folder, all of the contents of the remote folder appear in this mount folder, as if the contents were actually in this folder on the local hardware unit. In this way, you can view the folder, and, for example, verify that backup files have been created.

To add mount points
  1. On the web interface for the node, choose Settings > Mount Points.

  2. Click Add Mount Point.

  3. In the Add New Mount Point dialog, complete the dialog. The following table describes the settings.

    Field Description

    Choose the type of remote server:

    • cifs: Choose this for a Windows CIF server or for a Windows or Mac SMB server.

    • nfs: Choose this for a Linux server.

    • webdav: Choose this for a DavFS server.


    For live workflow storage, we recommend that you use NFS or CIFS file servers.

    AWS Elemental Delta provides DavFS as a mounting option for a limited number of use cases, such as moving ancillary files (like DRM policy files) at a low rate. DavFS is often too slow to be used as storage for live inputs.

    Server Share The address of the folder on the remote computer that you want to make available on this node.
    Mount Folder The folder on the node where the remote folder is mounted. As shown, this folder must be under /data/mnt. You can specify a sub-subfolder; if that folder does not already exist, it is automatically created.
    Username If the remote server folder is protected with a username/password, enter the username here.
    Password If the remote server folder is protected with a username/password, enter the password here.
  4. Click Create and wait a few minutes. The newly mounted folder appears on the screen.