Step D: Install the .iso Images (Kickstart) - AWS Elemental Delta

This is version 2.3 of the AWS Elemental Delta documentation. This is the latest version. For prior versions, see the Previous Versions section of AWS Elemental Delta Documentation.

Step D: Install the .iso Images (Kickstart)

You must install the .iso image onto each hardware unit. Installing an .iso image is also referred to as kickstarting the system.

  1. Burn the DVD image you received from Customer Support to a DVD or raw-write the USB image you downloaded to a USB thumb drive (USB stick). Follow the instructions for the utility that you use.

  2. Insert the DVD or USB thumb drive into the hardware unit and boot from that DVD or USB thumb drive.

    The installer automatically starts.

  3. Follow the prompts to install the .iso image:

    • Hostname: Change the hostname to a useful name such as delta01 or delta-chicago-01. Typically, you use the name the node currently has. Do not use localhost as the hostname!

      Do not use periods or underscores in the hostname.

    • Disk layout: Choose SDA.

    • Set product key: Press Enter to skip this option.

    • Upgrade: Choose No.

  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 on each AWS Elemental Delta hardware unit.

The .iso image is installed. From now on, the hardware unit will run this customized version of the Linux operating system.