Sample Upgrade of AWS Elemental Delta - AWS Elemental Delta

This is version 2.3 of the AWS Elemental Delta documentation. This is the latest version. For prior versions, see the Previous Versions section of AWS Elemental Delta Documentation.

Sample Upgrade of AWS Elemental Delta

Following is a screen printout of a typical single node upgrade, showing the prompts and possible responses.

[elemental@hostname ~]$ sudo sh ./ --skip-all Verifying archive integrity... All good. Uncompressing Elemental Installer 100% Network device eth0 already initialized... INFO: moving ui.lic to location ./ ui.lic Current version is: AWS Elemental Delta New version is: AWS Elemental Delta Stopping Apache.. Stopping replication Backing up the database Checking Elemental System Update Starting system update New system update version: 17006 System packages are now being updated and modified! Please DO NOT interrupt the installer after this point! Running pre-installation tasks... Installing MOTD Installing /etc/issue . Installing RPMs... ... Installing gems... Running scripts... Updating PostgreSQL configuration Stopping replication Setting up config files Restarting Postgres Stopping postgresql-9.3 service: [ OK ] Starting postgresql-9.3 service: [ OK ] Installing AWS Elemental Delta Restoring previous logs and thumbnails Merging supported audio & video codec lists Network device eth0 already initialized... Welcome to the product installation utility! Version information: AWS Elemental Delta(CPU) ------------------------- ruby 1.9.3p484 (2013-11-22 revision 43786) [x86_64-linux] Rails 3.2.21 psql (PostgreSQL) 9.3.6 Elemental Git revision 9bf23ee9 Checking license files. IMPORTANT INFORMATION . . . Continue? [Y] y 2. LICENSE AND RESTRICTIONS. . . . Continue? [Y] y TERM AND TERMINATION. This Agreement is effective until terminated. This . . . Continue? [Y] y . . . Do you agree to these terms? [N] y

The AWS Elemental Delta services and the database are stopped:

Stopping services... The software is updated: Applying network settings to system... Starting postgresql-9.3 service: [60G[[0;32m OK [0;39m] User 'elemental' already exists Replication user 'repl' already exists PgManagement:: SystemManager restarting postgres Granting all privileges on 'web_production' to user 'elemental' Creating/Updating database... Running migrations - this could take a while. Database updated! Database creation complete! Loading Rails environment... Updating node information... Saving settings... Adding node stat monitors... Adding node scheduled tasks... Adding licensing scheduled tasks...

Files are verified:

Hardware and license check complete Creating default directory structures and data Configuring log rotation... Configuring apache... Updating Delta Playlists... ..Configuring SNMP... Configuring dynamic libraries... Configuring NTP... Setting sysctl configuration and adding to / etc/ rc.local...

Services are started:

Shutting down SMB services: [ OK ] Starting SMB services: [ OK ] Configuring RabbitMQ......... Setting CPU scaling governorStarting services... Starting system logger: [ OK ] Starting httpd: [ OK ] Starting ntpd: [ OK ] Starting snmpd: [ OK ]

You are prompted to start elemental_se:

Would you like to start the Elemental service now? [Y] y Starting elemental_se: [ OK ] Starting elemental-motd: [ OK ] Installation and configuration complete! Please open a web browser and point it to to get to the web interface. Enjoy! [elemental@hostname ~]$