Step B: Create the router - AWS Elemental Live

Step B: Create the router

Create the router on the AWS Elemental Live node.

To create the router

  1. On the AWS Elemental Live web interface, hover over Settings, and choose Routers.

  2. On the Routers screen, choose New Router and select the type of router protocol. These are the available options:

    • Videohub Ethernet Protocol (previously BlackMagic VideoHub)

    • XY Terminal Protocol (previously Harris Panacea)

    • NV9000 Protocol (previously Miranda nVision)

    • SW-P-08 Protocol (previously Snell Aurora)

    • Pass-Through Protocol

    • LRC Protocol

  3. Complete the Add New Router fields as described in the table and choose Create.

    Field Description
    Name The name that appears in the Inputs field on events and profiles.
    IP Address The IP address of the router, excluding the protocol.
    Max Inputs Typically, the number of physical inputs on the router.
    Max Outputs Typically, the number physical outputs on the router.
    Level Available for XY Terminal, NV9000, SW-P-08, and Pass-Through.
    User Available for NV9000.
    Matrix ID Available for SW-P-08