Step C: Complete the input mappings - AWS Elemental Live

Step C: Complete the input mappings

Next, complete the Input mappings to assign an ID to each input on the router. You only need to assign an ID to the inputs that you are using (the ones that are cabled):

  1. On the Elemental Live web interface, make sure you're on the Routers page. Choose Edit (pencil icon) beside the router.

  2. On the Edit Router screen, choose Map Inputs.

  3. Complete the fields to identify the inputs that you're using. You must know the identification of each input on your router. Elemental Live can't detect information about the state of the input IDs. You can add inputs with the following options:

    • Add: Adds one input. Select the ID of the input according to the router.

    • Add inputs starting at: Adds a range of inputs. Select the first and last number in the range.

  4. Choose Add (+ icon).

  5. Repeat to add all of the inputs that you require.

A line appears for each input. Each line has a unique Elemental ID, the ID of the input on the router, and the name (that Elemental Live automatically generates, based on the input ID).