Step E: Use the router inputs - AWS Elemental Live

Step E: Use the router inputs

When you create a profile or event, the inputs that you created are displayed in the Input field.

Note that you specify the input by identifying the router input, not by identifying the SDI input. So you are saying “Use the input that is coming in on Input 1 using the Videohub Ethernet Protocol." When you run the event, AWS Elemental Live directs this input to a free SDI card. Each time you run the event, a different SDI input could be used.

Avoid Direct Inputs

Typically, all of your SDI inputs are connected to your router. Therefore, you should only ever specify the input by selecting one of the router inputs. You should not use any of the “direct inputs,” such as those labeled as HD-SDI.

If your inputs are all connected to your router and you select a direct input in the profile or event, when the event starts, an input not detected error occurs.

You should only use the direct inputs for inputs on the AWS Elemental Live node that do not connect to the router but are, indeed, still direct inputs.