Step B: Install (kickstart) the operating system software - AWS Elemental Live

Step B: Install (kickstart) the operating system software

Install the operating system on the node. This action is known as kickstarting the system.

To kickstart the system
  1. Insert the USB thumb drive into the hardware unit.

  2. Restart the system using the following command.

    [elemental@hostname ~]$ sudo reboot
  3. Use the arrow keys to select each option and complete the field, using the instructions in the following table as a guide.

    Menu Option Instructions
    Set Hostname

    Change the hostname to a useful name such as live-01 or live-chicago-01.

    Do not use localhost as the hostname.

    Do not use periods or underscores in the hostname.

    Disk layout: Auto-detect Keep this set at Auto-detect.
    Set Key Arrow down to skip this option.
    Install and configure base operating system Press Enter to begin the OS installation.

    The operating system is installed.

  4. At the Press return to quit prompt, press Enter to reboot the system.