Step d: Install the License Files - AWS Elemental Live

This is version 2.18 of the AWS Elemental Live documentation. This is the latest version. For prior versions, see the Previous Versions section of AWS Elemental Live and AWS Elemental Statmux Documentation.

Step d: Install the License Files

Now that you have a .tgz compressed license file for each instance of the software you are running, you must point the software to it.

From your workstation, perform the following steps for each newly installed AWS Elemental system.

  1. Navigate to the directory where you saved the .tgz file and unpack it.

  2. Bring up the web interface for the AWS Elemental Live system. From the main menu, select Settings > Licenses. The Licenses screen appears.

  3. Select Choose File and navigate to the directory where you placed the license files. Select the file name with the hostname portion matching the hostname of this node.

  4. Back on the Licenses screen, choose Update. The license file is installed. Be sure to install each license file: conductor.lic and ui.lic.

  5. Repeat steps 1 through 4 on each VM guest.

    Ignore the message about the license pools. You are setting a node-locked deployment, so you don't need a license pool (pool.lic).