Supported content - AWS Elemental Live

Supported content

The following table describes the content that AWS Elemental Live supports in SMPTE 2110 sources (inputs) and SMPTE 2110 outputs.

  • For inputs, AWS Elemental Live supports ingest of one instance of each type of stream—one video stream, zero or one audio stream, and zero or one ancillary data stream.

  • For outputs, AWS Elemental Live supports one video stream, zero or more audio streams, and zero or one ancillary data stream.

For detailed instructions for setting up a SMPTE 2110 input or output, see Ingesting SMPTE 2110 content and Configuring SMPTE 2110 outputs.


AWS Elemental Live can't ingest more than one audio stream in one SMPTE 2110 input.

Type Direction Details Applicable standard
Video Input and output Uncompressed

Resolutions – SD, HD, and 4K

Scan types – Progressive and interlaced

Sampling – 4:2:2

Bit format – 10-bit

SMPTE 2110-20

Input and output

Lightly compressed with JPEG XS

Resolutions – SD and HD resolution

Scan types – Progressive and interlaced

Sampling – 4:2:2

Bit format – 8-bit, 10-bit, 12-bit

SMPTE 2110-22
Audio Input and output PCM audio


Sample rates: 44.1kHz and 48.0 kHz

SMPTE 2110-30
Input and output Dolby Digital (AC3)

Coding modes – 1.0, 1+1, 2.0, 3.2 (with LFE)

SMPTE 2110-31
Dolby Digital Plus (EAC3)

Coding modes – 1.0, 2.0, 3.2

Output Dolby Digital passthrough

You can pass through Dolby Digital (AC3) from any input (SMPTE 2110 or another type) to a SMPTE 2110 output

Ancillary data – Captions (optional) Input and output EIA-608 embedded captions

CEA-708 embedded captions

SMPTE 2110-40
Ancillary data – Ad avail messages (optional) Input SCTE 104 messages. Elemental Live will automatically convert these messages to SCTE 35 messages during ingest. SMPTE 2110-40
Output SCTE 104 messages. If the source content has SCTE 35 messages, you can configure AWS Elemental Live to convert them to SCTE 104 and include the SCTE 104 messages in the output.
Timecode Input

The SMPTE 2110 source must be Precision Time Protocol (PTP) locked.

If it isn't locked, the video, audio, and ancillary data might not get synchronized properly during processing, resulting in unsynchronized media in all the outputs in the event.

SMPTE 2110-21
Output You must enable PTP in AWS Elemental Live so that the SMPTE 2110 outputs include RTP packet timestamps. This timestamp synchronizes the video, audio, and ancillary data. It ensures that the output is PTP-locked.