Format of an SDP file for video - AWS Elemental Live

Format of an SDP file for video

v=0 o=- 3826217993 3826217993 IN IP4 s=AWS Elemental SMPTE 2110 Output: [LiveEvent: 13] [OutputGroup: smpte_2110] [EssenceType_ID: 2110-20_video_198] t=0 0 m=video 50000 RTP/AVP 96 c=IN IP4 239.x.x.x/64 b=AS:2568807 a=source-filter: incl IN IP4 239.x.x.x a=rtpmap:96 raw/90000 a=fmtp:96 sampling=YCbCr-4:2:2; width=1920; height=1080; exactframerate=60; depth=10; TCS=SDR; colorimetry=BT709; interlaced; PM=2110GPM; SSN=ST2110-20:2017; TP=2110TPN; PAR=1:1; a=mediaclk:direct=0 a=ts-refclk:localmac=1c-34-da-5a-be-34

Following is information about the data in this example:

  • o= This line identifies the source IP for the stream

  • m=video. This identifies the file as a video description. 50000 is the port of the stream. This line must occur before the b and a lines..

  • c= identifies the destination IP address. This is a unicast or multicast address.

  • b=AS:2568807 is the bandwidth in kilobytes, and applies only for JPEG XS.

  • a=source-filter identifies a filter. This line is optional.

    In a file for an input to AWS Elemental Live:

    • If the line is included, AWS Elemental Live will listen only to the source IP ( for packets.

    • If the line isn't included, AWS Elemental Live will listen to any packets on the destination IP address (239.x.x.x).

    In a file for an output: AWS Elemental Live always includes this line in any SDP file that it creates.

  • Width and height together specify the resolution.

  • Exactframerate specifies the frames per second (fps).

  • Raw is the video compression—raw for uncompressed video, jxsv for JPEG XS.

  • 90000 is the frequency.