Ad Avail Blanking and Blackout - AWS Elemental Live

This is version 2.18 of the AWS Elemental Live documentation. This is the latest version. For prior versions, see the Previous Versions section of AWS Elemental Live and AWS Elemental Statmux Documentation.

Ad Avail Blanking and Blackout

You can turn on one or both of the following features to blank out the content associated with a SCTE-35 event:

  • Blackout”: Blank out the content for other types of SCTE-35 messages such as chapters and programs.

  • Ad avail blanking”: Blank out the content for a SCTE-35 message that is considered an “ad avail” (according to the mode, Getting Ready: Setting the Ad Avail Mode).

In both features, the handling is one of the following.

  • Replace the video content associated with the event with an image you specify or with a black image.

  • Remove the audio associated with the event.

  • Remove the closed captions associated with the event.