Get Event - AWS Elemental Live

This is version 2.18 of the AWS Elemental Live documentation. This is the latest version. For prior versions, see the Previous Versions section of AWS Elemental Live and AWS Elemental Statmux Documentation.

Get Event

Get a list of the inputs in the specified event.

There is no explicit command to get the dynamic playlist. But you can get the event in order to get information about the dynamic playlist.

Get Event is useful for obtaining the IDs of the inputs in the dynamic playlist and for parsing for the order in which they are listed in the XML.

Get Event includes the status of each input in these tags:

  • active tag. Possible values are true and false.

  • status tag. Possible values are preprocessing, pending, running, postprocessing, complete.

  • active_input_id tag. Only the currently active input has this tag. For that input, the active tag and the input_ID specify the same value.

Get Event does not provide information about the prepare time or activate time on inputs on which you explicitly called Prepare with Specified Time or Activate with Specified Time. That information cannot be retrieved from AWS Elemental Live; you must maintain the schedule outside of AWS Elemental Live.

HTTP Request and Response


GET http://<Live IP address>/live_events/<event ID>


XML content consisting of one event element that contains:

  • Various general tags.

  • One or more input elements that each contain:

    • A unique ID tag.

    • A unique input_label tag (optional).

    • A status tag.

    • An input element: complete network_input or device_input or router_input or file_input.

    • A video_selector element.

    • An optional audio_selector element.

    • An optional caption_selector element.

  • Other elements relating to input.

  • Other elements relating to outputs.



This request gets the event with the ID 31.



The event contains three inputs, with IDs 64, 98, 99, and with input_label tags “movie08E45_section_1”, “enigmatic_car_ad” and “best_trowel_ad”.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <live_event; href="/live_events/31" product="Elemental Live" version=""> <id>31</id> . . . <input> <active>false</active> <id>64</id> <input_label>movie08E45_section_1</input_label> <loop_source>false</loop_source> <status>pending</status> . . . <network_input> <id>4</id> . . . <uri>udp://</uri> </network_input> <video_selector> <id>2</id> . . . </video_selector> <audio_selector> <id>2</id> . . . </audio_selector> <input_info> . . . </input_info> </input> <input> <active>true</active> <id>98</id> <input_label>enigmatic_car_ad</input_label> <loop_source>false</loop_source> <status>pending</status> . . . </input> <input> <active>false</active> <id>99</id> <input_label>best_trowel_ad</input_label> <loop_source>false</loop_source> <status>pending</status> . . . </input> <active_input_id>98</active_input_id> <loop_all_inputs>true</loop_all_inputs> <status>running</status> . . . </live_event>