Overview of graphic overlay solutions - AWS Elemental Live

Overview of graphic overlay solutions

You can insert a graphic onto the video in an AWS Elemental Live event using the graphic overlay feature. There are two types of graphic overlay available — static and motion.

Static overlay

The static overlay feature lets you insert an image on the video at a specified time and to display it for a specified duration.

The static overlay can be a BMP, PNG, or TGA file.

You can insert up to eight overlays through the web interface and any number of overlays through the REST interface. The overlays are all independent of each other, which means that they can be set up to all appear on the underlying video at the same time (or not), and they can be set up to physically overlap each other (or not). This feature includes fade-in/fade-out capability and opacity.

For more information, see Static graphic overlay.

Motion graphic overlay

The motion graphic overlay feature lets you insert one animated overlay on the underlying video at a specified time for a specified duration.

You set up one overlay for the event. When the event is running, you use the REST interface to modify the start time of the single overlay, and to change the content. In this way, you achieve the effect of several motion overlays played at different times in the event.

You can insert an animation in one of the following ways:

  • HTML Files – You can use an HTML asset that you are continually publishing to a location outside of AWS Elemental Live, and insert the asset into the video as an overlay. Use one of the following methods to control when the image appears:

    • You can let the authoring system control everything.

    • You can enter REST API commands to show or hide the image.

    • Your content provider can insert SCTE-35 messages to show and hide the image.

  • MOV Files – Using a .mov file is a straightforward way to insert an animation onto the video of your event. You provide the file and set up your event to use it.

  • Series of PNG Files – You can specify a series of .png files to be inserted one after the other to create an animation.

For more information, see Insert a motion graphic overlay in AWS Elemental Live.

Inserting both types of overlay

You can insert both static overlays and one motion overlay onto the underlying video.