Is SWF the Best Choice? - AWS Elemental Live

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Is SWF the Best Choice?

With Shockwave Flash (SWF) files, AWS Elemental Live must render each frame of animation in real time and place it on the corresponding video frame. SWF rendering is resource-intensive, so poorly optimized SWF assets may degrade video output quality.

If your motion graphic overlay does not rely on any of the ActionScript abilities of Flash—namely passing in arguments and performing squeezeback—then an SWF file may not be the best choice, especially at high resolutions and/or high framerates. The other supported formats for motion graphic overlay assets can be cached in their entirety at the beginning of the event, avoiding resource issues with rendering in real time.

For motion graphics that rely on ActionScript, follow the best practices outlined in this document to create SWF files that are optimized to render with the least impact on AWS Elemental Live system resources.