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This is version 2.22 of the AWS Elemental Live documentation. This is the latest version. For prior versions, see the Previous versions section of AWS Elemental Live and AWS Elemental Statmux documentation.

Information about using AWS Elemental Live

Information about AWS Elemental Live is available in the following guides and resources.

This guide

This guide offers conceptual and procedural information for specific features of AWS Elemental Live. For a list of the features covered in this guide, see the topic list previous to this section.

AWS Elemental Live API guide

This guide is intended for system integrators and AWS Elemental Live operators. It contains the following information:

  • An outline of the interfaces for machine and human control, configuration, and monitoring. For a summary of the interfaces covered in the guide, see the next section.

  • An overview of how to work with transcoding events, event profiles, and presets.

  • A list and explanation of event and system parameters.

This guide is available on the Support tab of the web interface of your AWS Elemental Live appliance.

AWS Elemental Live Installation Guide

AWS Elemental Live Upgrade Guide

AWS Elemental Live Configuration Guide