Step 4: Download and post the SDP file - AWS Elemental Live

Step 4: Download and post the SDP file

If your organization doesn't use NMOS, you must make sure that the downstream system (the SMPTE 2110 receiver) can access them:

  • If the location is accessible and doesn't need user credentials, provide the downstream system operator with the full path so that they can download the SDP files.

  • If the location where the files are stored isn't accessible from the public internet, you must download the files and put them on a location that is accessible.

If your organization uses NMOS, skip this step.

Location and syntax of the files

AWS Elemental Live puts the SDP files on the HTTP root folder:


The files are named as follows:

SmpteSt2110Output.LiveEvent_<event ID>.OutputGroup_<output group>_2110-<ID>_<media>_<unique number on node>.sdp

For example:


The key pieces of information are:

  • 123 – The number for this event, unique on this Elemental Live node.

  • curling – The name you assigned to this output group.

  • 2110-20_video – Identifies this file type. In this example, it's an SDP file for uncompressed video.

  • 473 – A number that is unique for this Elemental Live node.

To locate and download the SMPTE 2110 SDP file
  1. From your output, select View Logs.

  2. Select the eme log to view its contents.

  3. Within the eme log, search for Writing SDP file to. You will find a line for the video, and a line for the audio. Copy the portions that follow /opt/elemental_se/web/public/ for each line. These are your SDP files. For example:


  4. If you don't know the IP address of your Elemental Live appliance, find it now. In the Elemental Live web interface, choose Settings. (Don't choose Input Devices or Routers from the submenu).

    On the Settings page, choose the Network tab, then choose the Current Settings tab. Make a note of the IP addresses in the Domain Name Servers section.

  5. Download the file using a suitable tool to connect from a computer that is on your network to the Elemental Live appliance. For example:

    • On a PC, use Windows Share protocol. Connect to:

      \\<IP address>\opt\elemental_se\web\public\

    • On a Mac, use Samba. Connect to:

      smb://<IP address>/opt/elemental_se/web/public/

  6. Download the files. Then put the files on an HTTP server that you know the receiver can access.