Support for conversion using OCR optical character recognition) - AWS Elemental Live

Support for conversion using OCR optical character recognition)

You can convert source captions that are in DVB-Sub or SCTE-27 format into output captions that are in WebVTT format. AWS Elemental Live uses OCR (optical character recognition) to perform this conversion.

Enabling the OCR feature

If you want to use OCR conversion, you must enable the feature when you install or upgrade AWS Elemental Live. For more information, see these guides:

You can determine if the feature has already been enabled. In the event, go to the output section and start to set up a captions encode. Choose WebVTT as the output format. If the feature is enabled, a list of languages (language libraries) appears.


When you enable OCR, you must make sure that you don't use the --skip-all option with the command to install, upgrade or configure. If you use that skip option, you won't see the prompts to enable OCR conversion.

Using OCR conversion

For more information about setting up to convert captions using OCR, see Sidecar captions or SMPTE-TT captions in MS Smooth.

For a list of languages supported with OCR conversion, see Reference: Languages supported with OCR captions.