Step C: Downgrade the node - AWS Elemental Live

Step C: Downgrade the node

When you downgrade, run the installer with the --downgrade switch for each node.eneccccbldkcnkcggdbhrbkinfefnvcnbkggjhngigub

To downgrade the node

  1. From the Linux prompt, log in with the elemental user credentials. Once you are logged in, the initial directory is /home/elemental.

  2. Enter the following command. For example:

    [elemental@hostname ~]$ chmod 755
  3. Run the installer with the skip-all option. Use the following commands with the actual file name of the .run file, rather than the example below:

    • For GPU and CPU versions of the software:

      [elemental@hostname ~]$ sudo sh ./ -c --skip-all --start -xeula --downgrade
    • For CPU-only versions of the software:

      [elemental@hostname ~]$ sudo sh ./ -c --skip-all --start -xeula --downgrade

    Switches are as follows:

    • Is the software version that you're downgrading to.

    • -xeula: Skips the prompts to read through the EULA. You are prompted once to accept it.

    • --start: Specifies to start the services without being prompted.

    • --downgrade: Tells the installer that an earlier version is being installed.

    • --restore-db-backup <path>: Installs the version old version of the database backup file. Provide the path and file name in the following format:


      Following our example, enter:

  4. Restart the node with the following command:

    [elemental@hostname ~] sudo reboot

    Repeat the downgrade steps on each worker node before moving on to the next step in the downgrade process.