Step A: Get ready to downgrade - AWS Elemental Live

Step A: Get ready to downgrade

The following steps prepare you for downgrading. Perform these steps to ensure that you don't lose any data.

Save the database backup

Locate the database backup for the version that you're downgrading to. Copy the backup to a location off of the system. Performing a downgrade removes your entire file structure.

Every time that you downgrade, a backup of the database is automatically made and saved in the following location.


For example:


When you perform a downgrade, you must specify a database to restore. You should restore the backup that corresponds to the version you are downgrading to. For example, when downgrading to 2.20.7, restore the 2.20.7 database.

Create a bootable kickstart

You must install the host operating system from an .iso file onto each physical machine that will be running AWS Elemental Live. Doing so is referred to as “kickstarting the system”.

Make sure that you install the right version of the operating system with each piece of software. The correct .iso file is available at AWS Elemental Support Center Activations.

Create a Boot USB Drive

Do this from your workstation.

Use a third-party utility (such as PowerISO or ISO2USB) to create a bootable USB drive from your .iso file. For help, see the knowledge base article Creating Bootable Recovery (kickstart) Media.