Downgrades in AWS Elemental Live - AWS Elemental Live

Downgrades in AWS Elemental Live

This section describes how to downgrade the AWS Elemental Live software version.

Downgrade rules

The following rules apply when you're downgrading AWS Elemental Live software.

  • Your system must be in a working state prior to the downgrade. If it's in a degraded state (for example, it is failing to successfully craete events, or it isn't responding through the web interface), the downgrade does not work.

  • You can downgrade to a version that's a maximum of two major versions below your current version. For example, from 2.22.x to 2.20.x. (The number of minor versions between the two versions is irrelevant.)

  • However, we recommend that you always downgrade to the highest minor version in the series you're downgrading to. For example, downgrade to 2.22.5. Don't downgrade to 2.22.2.

  • To downgrade over a bigger span than two major versions, you must perform the downgrade in several steps. For example, downgrade from 2.22.3 to 2.20.7, then to 2.18.6, then to 2.17.7.


Plan to downgrade during a maintenance window. All activity on the nodes stops during downgrade.


The same procedure applies to downgrading to any version of AWS Elemental Live that is version 2.14 or later. Only the version number in the installation file changes. In this procedure, we show how to downgrade from version 2.22.3 to version Wherever an instruction shows, modify your entry to specify the version that you are downgrading to.