Step A: Get ready to upgrade - AWS Elemental Live

Step A: Get ready to upgrade

The following steps prepare you for upgrading. Perform these steps to ensure that you don't lose any data during the upgrade process.

Check essential notes

To identify changes in behavior with the upgrade, see the essential notes in the AWS Elemental Live Release Notes.

Verify the worker type

The software installer that you use for the nodes varies depending on if you have GPU-accelerated software type, or CPU-only. To determine the type of software, look at any web interface screen of the worker node. The top shows one or two icons as follows:

  • CPU and GPU icons: the software is GPU-accelerated.

  • CPU icon only: the software is CPU-only.

Save the latest backup

When you install the upgraded operating system, your previous database backups are deleted. Locate and save the most recent backup off the system. You can use this backup later if you need to downgrade back to this version.

To save the latest backup

  1. From a Linux prompt, log in to the hardware unit with the elemental user credentials.

  2. Navigate to the directory where AWS Elemental Live saves its backups.

    [elemental@host ~]$ cd /home/elemental/database_backups
  3. Locate the most recent backup and save it to a location off the AWS Elemental node. The backup name includes the date and time that the backup was taken, in this format:


    For example:


Create a bootable kickstart

You must install the host operating system from an .iso file onto each physical machine that will be running AWS Elemental Live. Doing so is referred to as kickstarting the system.

Make sure that you install the version of the operating system with corresponds to this version of AWS Elemental Live. The correct .iso file is available at AWS Elemental Support Center Activations.

At your workstation, use a third-party utility (such as PowerISO or ISO2USB) to create a bootable USB drive from your .iso file. For help, see the knowledge base article Creating Bootable Recovery (kickstart) Media.